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Your Weight Loss Journey
In Five Simple Steps

At Reshaped™ Weight Loss & Wellness, we build a framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. ​​We believe in an individualized approach to weight management as each or our patients are unique in their health needs. Learn which insurance plans are accepted by clicking here. 


Complete the required new patient in-take paperwork directly online by clicking the link below. 

Schedule Appointment

Once we receive your completed forms, our office will contact you to schedule your new patient appointment.

Sign Up For Spruce

You will receive an invite from our office with instructions on how to sign up for Spruce. This is our HIPAA-compliant portal where you will meet with your physician for your initial appointment via a telemedicine visit.

New Patient Appointment

You will meet with your board-certified medical physician to discuss your medical history as well as review how you have tried to lose weight in the past. We will talk through your goals, your concerns and what is important to you regarding your overall health.

Your physician will assess your current medications as well as other FDA-approved medications that could be helpful based on your medical conditions and needs. Your physician will focus on the key areas where we will start your weight loss journey as well as discuss future prevention opportunities.

Follow Up

Now we are excited about your new plan and can’t wait to see the results! We usually schedule follow up appointments every 2-4 weeks. This can be in the office or virtually via a telemedicine visit. You and your doctor will discuss your progress and make any adjustments as your body and lifestyle changes.

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